Welcome to the SHA PTA!
We have many exciting events and activities planned for the upcoming 2020/2021 year.  The SHA PTA is an important service organization made up of parents and staff members who together collaborate to achieve the best educational experience for our children.  
With the help of our dedicated parent volunteers and the SHA PTA funds, the SHA PTA organizes the school academic calendar, the lunch program, Picture Day, cultural activities (such as The Petting Zoo and distribution of Rosh Hashanah gifts), the Chanukah Book Fair, the Purim Carnival, teacher gifts and many more sponsored educational activities.  The list goes on...
All of these sponsored SHA PTA activities and events are made possible with the help of parental involvement in our children's education and the paid PTA dues.  This is why the SHA PTA encourages and asks parents to consider becoming an active and integral part in our children's education by volunteering and paying your PTA dues! Get involved and support the SHA PTA so more innovating programs and activities can be created for our children!

The PTA collects dues each year to help provide for all the extra activities for our children. This year dues are $55 PER FAMILY.

We are also collecting a one-time, nominal charge of $50 PER CHILD for teacher gifts. It is important that our teachers know how much we appreciate their tremendous efforts and hard work in teaching, nurturing and caring for our children. It is divided and collected twice in the year; $25 for Channukah and $25 for the end of the year (does not include Purim). If you have any questions regarding PTA DUES and GIFTS please contact parent volunteer Treasurer Mindy Leventhal via school office.
2020/2021 Board Members
Presidents............................Fabienne Sameyah & Libi Seliktar 
Vice Presidents...................Sivan Wolberger
Treasurer.............................Mindy Leventhal
Lunch..................................Sivan Wolberger
The SHA PTA encourages parents to get involved with their children's educational experience at the Silverstein Hebrew Academy. We welcome all volunteers and suggestions. VOLUNTEERS ARE ALWAYS WELCOME!

The class moms play an important role as the liaison between the SHA PTA and all of the parents in the school. There are two class moms for each class. The class moms are responsible to call and notify parents about any upcoming SHA PTA events and activities in the school.  The SHA PTA would like to thank the class moms for volunteering and communicating with the rest of the families in the Silverstein Hebrew Academy!  We hope that all of you who recieve phone calls from your class moms appreciate their dedication and commitment to creating a stronger educational experience for your child!