Thank you for visiting Silverstein Hebrew Academy. We invite you to learn more about our school as you browse through our website.

Silverstein Hebrew Academy was founded in 1998 by benefactors Stanley and Raine Silverstein in memory of Sonia and Max Silverstein. The school has grown from its inception to a vibrant community of 200 students, preschool through middle school.

At Silverstein Hebrew Academy our dual curriculum consists of a rigorous and challenging general studies program in strong partnership with a comprehensive and value based Jewish Studies program. Our academic programs are built around the 5Cs: Critical thinking, Collaboration, Creativity, Community and Character. Our students are supported to take risks in their learning, in a warm and Torah grounded environment. These core Cs lead the way to our continuous push towards innovative and collaborative teaching and learning.

Student issues and behaviors are dealt in a manner that teaches children to learn from their mistakes yet still feel “heard”.

Students and parents appreciate our open door policy and our nurturing and holistic approach to teaching. We educate the whole child academically, socially, spiritually and emotionally.

Come visit our school in person or ask to speak to any of our parent ambassadors about what makes Silverstein Hebrew Academy so special and the “right fit for your child”.

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Shireen Deen-Butman
Head of School

[email protected]