Dear Parents,

"Education  is not filling a pail with water but lighting a candle to kindle another."

If you made your way to this page, you may be considering the Silverstein Hebrew Academy for your child,
Is it because you want a school where your child will be inspired to achieve and have the opportunity to pursue his strengths? Or is it because you want a school that values community but still offers individualized learning? Are you searching for a school that pushes your child while still nurturing him, or maybe you want a school that is cutting edge but values its timeless Jewish heritage? Perhaps, is it possible that you have heard that Silverstein Hebrew Academy, the joy of Judaism is palpable throughout the day and you want your child to experience what you didn't experience yourself?
Yes. In our school each student is an only child, a candle ready to be a flame and to shine the way for others. Visit our campus and you will see how academic excellence goes hand in hand with strong Jewish values; where children learn, live, love and laugh as they receive an outstanding education

Chanie Geisinsky
Associate Head of School
[email protected]