At Silverstein Pre-School of the Arts we strive to create a warm and stimulating environment where small children can grow and develop emotionally, cognitively and physically. Our Jewish values drive the curriculum, environment and school culture. We model good meddot and encourage the children to show kindness, respect, compassion, confidence and responsibility. In our early childhood center, a child is nurture with the utmost care, since every experience will shape and affect the quality of its mature self.



The early childhood program at Silverstein provides a learning environment that guides the learning experiences of a child and enables exploration guided by your child.  The focus of Silverstein Hebrew Academy arises from a common desire for excellence in meeting the needs of children and their families.  Our philosophy is based on the core principle that children need a nurturing environment to enable optimal growth and development.  Our staff builds strong relationship with each child and their family while establishing a love for learning, a fascination with holidays and parsha, and a passion for approaching the world in a Jewish way. Children are treasured for their uniqueness and individuality and are encouraged to have self-expression.

The basic philosophy behind our curriculum is a unification of several outstanding pedagogic techniques that have proven to foster successful and joyful children. Reggio techniques and tools are used throughout the school’s programs: 

Nursery Aleph (2 years old), 
Nursery Bet (3  years old), 
Nursery Gimmel (4 years old) 

The program is based on the principles of respect, responsibility, and community through exploration and discovery in a supportive and enriching environment based on the interests of the children. Children are believed “knowledge bearers”, so they are encouraged to share their thoughts and ideas about everything they could meet or do during the day. Children must be able to learn through experiences of touching, moving, listening, and observing. They are active in the construction of their knowledge as they experience learning within their environment.



Our center is staffed with trained early childhood educators. Each member of our staff is sensitive to the needs of our children and their families and has a strong commitment to quality Jewish education.

Faculty meets regularly to discuss curriculum, plan programs, and exchange innovative ideas for new learning opportunities. In order to uphold the high standards of our program, staff development is ongoing throughout the year.  This ensures that our teachers remain aware of the ever-changing needs of today's families and to stay on top of the current educational research and early childhood practices.