At Silverstein Hebrew Academy, we put a strong emphasis on “Olam Chessed Yibaneh, building a world by being kind.” Our awesome responsibility of teaching middot to our students is central to their development. This year we are focusing on our i-can initiative, where we create programming and classroom experiences focusing specifically on middot. Every Rosh Chodesh we introduce a new phone app and connect it to a specific middah. Middot we introduce are integrated into school-wide activities and classroom lessons. Students meet once a month at a Rosh Chodesh assembly to participate in a special performance by students who are chosen to be that specific month’s chessed ambassadors. Students will be involved in activities that show how “i-can” make a difference in my classroom, “i-can” make a difference in my community, “i-can” make a difference at home, & how “i-can” make a difference in the world.