The Silverstein Hebrew Academy offers an integrated dual curriculum featuring a rigorous general studies program with an attractive array of Jewish studies. Our school is committed to empowering our students with 21st century educational skills. We have created an environment where critical thinking, collaboration, and creativity are encouraged. Our school culture promotes lifelong learning for faculty and students, where children can experience the power of their ideas and develop the necessary skills to be future leaders. Our day school experience offers small classes, exceptional teachers, and attention to individual learning styles.
Education is the hallmark of our school. Through differentiated instruction and child centered classrooms, our students graduate as confident, caring and collaborative learners who are prepared to lead and affect
Our school is a family, a community that embraces Jewish children from all backgrounds. Our staff is carefully chosen not only for their teaching ability, but also for their ability to mentor and be role models for our students. Our students are taught values based on Torah ethics enabling them to become citizens who will make a difference in their communities, in Israel, and in the world at large.