How to Give
Quality private day school education is costly. Even full tuition payments by the parent body do not cover the cost of educating our children. The school relies upon the generosity of parents and community to support its unique academic and religious programs. Please support our school through the following opportunities for giving:

Donations/Gifts: These gifts subsidize the school’s operating expenses such as teacher salaries, books, supplies, etc. These help make up the difference between what tuition covers and the actual cost of running the school.

Participation in School Fundraisers: From participation in Purim Baskets to Pesach Chocolates, all this support ultimately goes back to the school to directly benefit the students. Participation via parent volunteer hours is equally valuable. Parent involvement in school events is critical to their success and a good way to show support. There are many ways to volunteer.

Tribute Cards: SHA can send a special tribute card to your designees. Use them for acknowledging a Simcha (such as a birth, birthday, anniversary or engagement), or wishing a Refuah Shelaima (complete recovery of health) or condolences. What a great way to honor someone than to give Tzedakah in their name!