Elementary School


Elementary School

Silverstein Hebrew Academy offers an exciting and innovative dual curriculum, encompassing integrated General Studies and Hebrew/Judaic Studies. From our youngest students to our oldest students, we employ principles of Responsive Classroom in which social and academic learning is inextricably connected and fully integrated throughout the day. Our social/emotional and academic curriculums foster safe, challenging, and joyful classrooms.

The SHA academic curriculum is designed to inspire engaged learning, leading to deeper understanding and critical thinking. Through the development of experiential thematic units, SHA encourages a sense of ownership, allowing students to construct their own learning and make it come to life. Students acquire and apply knowledge in a setting that is both authentic and meaningful. Rather than merely thinking or reading about the topic, the students live and breathe it!

Integrated learning allows children to broadly explore knowledge in various subjects as they relate to a certain theme. We strive to integrate all of the curricular disciplines. This holistic approach to learning reflects the real world, which is interactive, and promotes lifelong learning.

Our faculty recognizes the multiple ways in which students learn and approach teaching using differentiated, innovative and creative methods that address the learning styles of each individual student.

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