Welcome to the Silverstein Hebrew Academy!

Our program is designed to provide children with learning opportunities, environments and experiences that spark wonder that are creative and fun, building self-esteem, independence, social skills, confidence and responsibility. We allow children to explore materials, and encourage a questioning mind. Our mission is to nurture the whole child, academically, intellectually, emotionally, spiritually, and socially. Our goal is to provide them with a foundation and personalized attention to help each child thrive, learn, and grow in a warm, nurturing and supportive environment staffed by experienced teachers.

With small class sizes, we guide all children along their own learning paths, and ensure that they develop the building blocks of learning and Jewish values. This strong foundation helps children successfully transition to Kindergarten and beyond.

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Language and Literacy

Our classrooms are designed so that all activities gear themselves toward the development of skills required for oral and written language, reading, expression, and a love of children’s literature. When your child is ready, we begin to teach the phonetic sounds of the letters; then we move on to word building and recognition, writing and reading.


Order, coordination, concentration, and independence are experienced by the child using Montessori math materials, and these exercises offer the children the keys that they need to send them on the road to further exploration and maturation of the mathematical mind.

Social Emotional

We encourage children to work collaborately in a group setting. We teach concepts of sharing, caring for others and their environment. We encourage kindness in giving (tzedakah) and doing good deeds (mitzvot).

Practical Life

Practical Life activities help the child develop coordination, concentration, a sense of personal independence and a sense of order. The exercises fall into four major categories: care of self, care of the environment, grace and courtesy and control of movement.


In the Sensorial area children learn to recognize similarities and differences; to discriminate between similar objects; to grade similar objects. Through these exercises the child trains him/herself to observe, leading to make comparisons between objects, to form judgments, to reason, and to decide.


Each Holiday comes alive as we incorporate traditional customs, stories, and Hebrew vocabulary into each area of the classroom. We use real life experiences while learning; we taste a real rimon (pomegranate) and sound a real Shofar (ram’s horn) for Rosh Hashana; we peel and grate potatoes to fry latkes on Chanukah, or grind wheat kernels to explain the process of wheat flour in Matzah for Passover.


Children are encouraged to explore and experiment with a variety of art mediums that allow children to practice cutting, coloring, painting, gluing, threading, sewing, etc. In addition, we offer classes in music, physical education and soccer.

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