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Middle School

Middle school students at are at a unique transition point. They are on the cusp from being children to becoming young adults. The curriculum at Silverstein Hebrew Academy expands their horizons and their responsiblities. All of these skills are nurtured by a strong emphasis on positive attitude. Our students succeed because their teachers have instilled in them an excellent, can-do attitude in tandem with rigorous academic expectations.

The students are expected to read literature on the middle and high school level. They are taught how to write professional research papers and avail themselves of college libraries and on-line research sites. Basic language and vocabulary skills are a strong emphasis in the middle school program.

From basic math through algebra math skills are strengthened in middle school. Using state of the art computers, teachers ehance the basic curriculum. Manipulatives are used to further clarify and extend skills.

Earth, physical and life sciences give middle school students a broad understanding of the world around them. A well stocked lab allows for scientific exploration. Our young scientists attend workshops at the science museum and have the opportunity to participate in field research in and around Houston.

All grades participate in a physical education program stressing team work, gross motor skills and game strategy. In addition computer technology is taught from kindergarten through eighth grade culminating with graduates producing their own yearbook using skills they learned.

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